• Do you need an upbeat, bilingual Spanish and English speaker to deliver your message to a Spanish speaking audience?
  • Are you frustrated with miscommunications as you expand your business to new Latin markets?
  • Want to avoid injuries on the job and increase understanding of safety leadership amongst your Spanish speaking employees?

You need a Spanish language expert with English fluency whose delivery is clear and with a professional acting and communications background. No more resorting to speakers that are boring, unclear, and ineffectual in getting your message across to your Spanish speaking audience. Imagine if your next internal announcement could be as clear and inspiring to your Spanish speakers as it is to the English speakers.

When you need top-quality presentations delivered in Spanish, only Rianne Rivadeneira will do.

Her speaking is dynamic, accurate, and available on a project-basis.

What if you could Rent-a-Spanish-Speaker with:

  • Highly-developed knowledge of American safety laws
  • Clear, cohesive presentations help businesses avoid costly accidents
  • Engaging delivery to inspire employee buy-in
  • Perfectly fluent Spanish, without a distracting accent or odd word choices
  • Contract services, so you only get as much help as you need

Rivadeneira works with small businesses, groups, and large corporations who want to bring their goods and services to Spanish -speaking audiences to reach lucrative Latin markets both in the U.S. and abroad.

She is a native Spanish speaker fluent in English, a TV and film actress, spokesperson, and public speaker who is passionate about spreading positive messages with audiences in business and group settings. Her polished and clear delivery is excellent, and she engages audiences so that people will want to listen to her. She works as an independent contractor, saving clients’ money and costly insurance benefits.

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