Are you casting and need a one-of-a-kind, talented, fresh face to fill an essential role?

Whether you’re producing a new film, television show, or commercial, look no further.

Rianne Rivadeneira has been acting since age 5. Check out her impressive resume. She’s performed as an actress in Spanish language infomercials, (Buick, GMC) commercials, and film roles. She has also hosted two T.V. shows and is a prolific dancer. Her most recent acting credit is for the indie film, The Lion Killer (2018). This role is important to her because it aligns with her personal values.

She’s got a captivating delivery style, memorizes quickly, and is eager to learn.

Rivadeneira’s seeking opportunities to read for parts, audition, and review scripts to see if there’s a fit. Her greatest desire is to break into the film industry and have a lifelong career as an actress, while bridging the gap between English and Spanish speaking audiences.

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