Rianne Rivadeneira
Rianne Rivadeneira

Rianne Rivadeneira is a bilingual TV and film actor and spokesperson. A native Spanish speaker from Ecuador with English fluency, she is passionate about spreading positive messages both in business settings and through her acting work. She founded Rent-a-Spanish Speaker to help bridge the gap between Spanish workers and English-based businesses.

Even as a child, she knew her life’s work was as a communicator and performer. She’s compounded her experience over the years as a life-long learner, which is evident in her flexibility and range of communication and acting services she offers. Amongst many acting credits, she worked as a TV host in Ecuador and appears in the forthcoming indie film, The Lion Killer (2018). She studied graphic design at Penn-Foster College.

Rivadeneira is also an image consultant on how to dress for interviews, etiquette, and selecting wardrobes for professional settings. She assists new arrivals from Latin countries in gaining communication tools that will help them assimilate to American culture. She accomplishes this by guiding them through the interview process and offers in-depth advice on professional etiquette to help newcomers be their best and convey a positive message.

She believes we are all capable of meaningful personal growth and the positive messages she conveys create enthusiasm, uplifts, and inspire.

Check out her Rent-A-Spanish-Speaker and Acting services.

Ask her about image consulting!

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