Rianne Rivadeneira coverOnce you figured out all the international taxes and laws, you thought bringing your business to Latin regions would be easy. But, it’s not.

The translations from English to Spanish on your marketing and educational materials are poor and confusing.

The Spanish workforce makes fun of your boring translator whose translations are often awkward and foreign-sounding, and you’re stuck.

Not anymore.

Rianne Rivadeneira works with small businesses and large corporations who want to bring their message, goods, and services to Spanish-speaking audiences to reach lucrative, untapped markets. Her acting experience gives her an edge to her public speaking style and warms up even the most skeptical audiences. She’s comfortable in small conference rooms and in corporate boardrooms across the world.

Lengthy presentations in English that need to be translated, memorized, and delivered in Spanish are Rivadeneira’s forte.

Her Spanish speaking services include:

  • Voice-acting to deliver webinars and off-screen audio recordings
  • Video-acting, presenting infomercials and tailored educational films in Spanish and English
  • Translations of marketing materials such as ad copy and product and services descriptions
  • Spanish proofreading services
  • Explanations in Spanish about safety leadership to inspire compliance with safety regulations to avoid possible accidents

Her flexible scheduling can be hourly, daily, or project-based.

Rent-a-Spanish-Speaker now!

With her diverse, magnetic talents, Rivadeneira is building business networks within Spanish speaking/Hispanic communities. Her bilingual fluency and adaptability to your message brings out an authentic, natural way of communicating which appeals to audiences, furthering the impact of your message.
Ask what she can do for your next safety briefing!

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